Become a Pro: Mastering Strikethrough Text Typing in Discord

type strikethrough text in Discord


Discord’s meteoric rise as a go-to hub for global communities, especially gamers, hobbyists, and professionals, stems from its versatility in facilitating text, voice, and video interactions.

Understanding Discord’s Text Formatting

Discord’s use of Markdown, a lightweight markup language, empowers users to add style to their messages effortlessly. Utilizing symbols like asterisks allows for quick application of italics, bold, and bold italics.

Strikethrough Text in Discord

The addition of strikethrough text within Discord’s formatting toolkit is a game-changer. It serves multiple roles—correcting errors, marking tasks as completed, or injecting humor into conversations, making it a versatile and engaging feature.

Benefits and Unique Impact of Strikethrough Text

Unlike bold or italics that emphasize, strikethrough text visually signifies deletion or completion. This distinctive visual cue elevates conversations, adding depth and fostering more engaging dialogues.

Where to Apply Strikethrough Text

  1. Correction and Updates: Use strikethrough text to rectify errors or update information in previous messages without deleting the original content.
  2. Task Lists: Employ strikethrough text to mark tasks as completed within lists, maintaining clarity and progress tracking.
  3. Adding Humor or Irony: Infuse humor or sarcasm into messages by strikethrough text, adding layers of meaning and making conversations more engaging.

Mastering the Art of Strikethrough Text Typing

Understanding the Syntax: The essence of mastering strikethrough text lies in its syntax—simply enclosing desired text within two tildes (~~) creates the visually striking effect.

Typing Strikethrough Text: The process is straightforward—place the desired text between two tildes (~ ~) to achieve the striking strikethrough appearance.

Best Practices and Tips

  • Effective Usage: Optimal impact comes from using strikethrough text sparingly, avoiding its excessive use within lengthy sentences.
  • Applications: Whether for emphasis, correction, or adding a touch of humor, strikethrough text enriches Discord conversations.

Efficient Typing Methods

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed up typing by utilizing the tilde key (~) twice, streamlining the application of strikethrough formatting.
  • Advanced Techniques: Experiment with combining strikethrough text with other formatting options like bold, italics, or underline for unique expressions.

Illustrating Strikethrough Text in Discord

Visual Examples: Integrating visual aids like screenshots or GIFs demonstrating strikethrough text applications in Discord immensely boosts user understanding. For instance, displaying before-and-after images of text with and without strikethrough formatting clarifies its usage.

Interactive Learning: Step-by-step tutorials or interactive quizzes serve as engaging tools to reinforce understanding. These elements walk users through creating strikethrough text, offering practical exercises that solidify their mastery.

Case Studies or Examples: Real-world scenarios or case studies spotlighting the effective use of strikethrough text within Discord conversations demonstrate its practical utility. These examples could cover correcting errors, emphasizing points, or adding humor to enrich conversations.

Comparison with Other Platforms: Exploring how Discord’s strikethrough feature differs from or aligns with similar formatting tools in other platforms (like Slack or WhatsApp) provides users with a broader perspective on its functionalities and unique aspects.

Community Tips and Contributions: Inviting contributions from Discord users encourages the sharing of diverse tips, creative uses, or innovative applications of strikethrough text. This fosters engagement, encourages collaboration, and brings forth a multitude of insights.

Update Information: Regularly updating the content with the latest features, modifications, or enhancements related to strikethrough text in Discord ensures the article stays current and relevant for users seeking up-to-date information.

Advanced Strikethrough Techniques

The advanced methods of utilizing strikethrough text in Discord. It can cover topics like combining strikethrough with other formatting options (bold, italics, underline), creating unique effects or emphasis, using emojis alongside strikethrough, or exploring spoiler tags and code blocks for distinct text styles.

Hidden Formatting Tricks in Discord

This lesser-known formatting features within Discord. It could include markdown features like block quotes, spoiler tags, adding hyperlinks to text, and any other formatting options or tricks that aren’t commonly known but can significantly enhance text styling within Discord.


Q. How do I remove strikethrough from a text in Discord?

A. To remove strikethrough formatting from text in Discord, simply delete the tildes (~) placed at the beginning and end of the text. Removing these symbols will revert the text to its standard appearance.

Q. Can I combine strikethrough with other text formatting options simultaneously?

A. Yes, Discord allows combining strikethrough with other formatting styles like bold or italics. You can enclose the desired text within the corresponding symbols for each formatting option to create a combination effect. For example, ***~~Combined Text~~*** produces text that is both bold and strikethrough.

Q. Does strikethrough text work in all Discord channels and servers?

A. Yes, strikethrough text formatting is supported in all Discord channels and servers. Users can apply strikethrough to text messages across various channels without any limitations.

Q. Is there a character limit for using strikethrough text in Discord messages?

A. Discord does not impose a specific character limit for using strikethrough text. However, it’s recommended to use formatting features judiciously to maintain readability and not overcrowd messages with excessive formatting.

Q. Can I use strikethrough text in Discord on mobile devices?

A. Yes, you can apply strikethrough text formatting in Discord on mobile devices. Use the same syntax—enclosing the desired text within two tildes (~~)—to create strikethrough text while typing messages on your mobile device.


Mastering strikethrough text typing in Discord greatly enhances communication. By embracing formatting features like strikethrough text, users infuse depth into their conversations, making interactions within Discord richer and more vibrant.

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